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Want to sale  or rent your house ?


Sell or  rent a property requires professionalism and good work,the team knows it and is EIXAMPLEHOUSE carefully each operation carried out.

There are many customers eager to buy  or to rent a house in the heart of Barcelona we will make the sale  or rent out your property is easy and satisfying.


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Geometry of the blocks

The dimensions of the blocks are given by the above-mentioned distances between the center lines of streets and the very breadth of these pathways, so that setting a standard width of the tracks at 20 m, the blocks are composed of 113 quadrilateral , 3 m, its vertices truncated form of chamfer of 15 m, giving an area of 1.24 block has, contrary to popular belief that blocks have a precise area of ​​1 hectare.

Cerdà justified the corner of the vertices of the blocks from the viewpoint of the visibility it gives to road traffic and a vision in which he was right more than the term used to define the vehicle, spoke of individual locomotives that one day circulate through the streets and the need to create more space at each intersection to stop.

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